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In a series of witty, yet straightforward letters, Dr. Osuagwu addresses some of the common problems and conditions that make women visit their obstetrician/ gynecologist. These letters, all educational, offer suggestions on what approaches to take in dealing with medical and other issues that typically bring women to an ob/gynecologist. The letters are spiced with art, a poem and quotes.

The second half of the book briefly discusses the most common gynecological conditions and also provides an overview of sexually transmitted infections. Extensive web resources are provided that discusses in depth the different topics in the book. The materials included in this book should make women better consumers of healthcare services. 

Letters to My Sisters: Plain Truths and Straightforward Advice from a Gynecologist was recently named a finalist for the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the non-fiction category. This easy to read book has been repeatedly praised for its unique style and simplicity. Testimonials keep pouring in about the transformative power of this book which Dr. Osuagwu says is about empowering her universal sisters to take better care of themselves and their health.

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